Our method’s success is due to its direct integration of the limbic system into the change work and goal-oriented use of the brain’s processing mechanisms. The Limbic Coaching method speaks the language of the emotional brain which, as one of the developmentally oldest brain areas, cannot be accessed and influenced through logic and language.

That way, we directly address the areas of the brain where unprocessed emotions and memories block the desired change.

A muscle response test that’s carried out according to a particular protocol makes it possible to identify non- conscious stress-triggers and sources of blocks. It also serves to verify the effectiveness of a coaching intervention.

Alternating Bilateral Stimulation (via the simulation of eye movements similar to those during the REM phase as well as alternating bilateral auditory and tactile stimuli according to a particular protocol) results in an optimal cooperation of both brain hemispheres. This activates the innate mental self healing capacities in the emotional brain and puts the client in a creative and emotionally balanced state of mind.

A CD for coaches and clients, with music that facilitates alternating bilateral hemisphere stimulation, is available here.

Solution-focused communication facilitates a clear vision of the desired outcome and the enhancement of resources.