A Master’s degree in Organizational Psychology, degrees in mediation and intercultural training and a variety of professional trainings in Europe and the US are the foundation for Sylvia’s international coaching and teaching activities.

Her experience from coaching top performers in Silicon Valley strongly influenced the development of the Limbic Coaching method. To create “Coaching with the Emotional Brain,“ Sylvia combined and refined the most effective and state of the art methods to achieve a solution-focused coaching approach that is recognized all over the world.

She successfully supports many clients in achieving peak performance professionally and in increasing their creativity and/ or stress management. Sylvia also assists people in their personal lives to overcome blocks, deal with difficult situations or life phases constructively, shed weight and keep it off, enhance personal strengths and increase overall well-being. In addition, she trains and certifies coaches and therapists in the Limbic Coaching® method so that they, too, can take advantage of this approach in their development and change work with clients in order to help them achieve sustainable results in a short period of time.