The solution-focused brief coaching at the Palo Alto Institute for Systemic Coaching is based on the fact that every coaching issue and every solution is as unique as every client.

We tailor our coaching sessions to your individual needs. Your time is valuable, and our goal is to harness your capabilities and skills to achieve sustainable results in 3-8 sessions. Our role is to support you in getting where you want to be and in overcoming any obstacle on the way there.

The coaching approaches we use are based on how our brains work to process stress and blocks. We employ your innate mental self-management skills in the most efficient way for your to accomplish your goals. 

We offer individual sessions in Silicon Valley and work with you via Skype.

Contact us now for a free introductory session (30 minutes).

We specialize in helping clients

  • mentally prepare for and attain peak performance (in job interviews, negotiations, athletic tournaments)
  • overcome stage fright (presentations, speeches, auditions)
  • successfully handle challenges and stress-factors in their personal and professional lives
  • permanently increase their stress-resilience, effectiveness, creativity, and overall well-being
  • precisely identify what really motivates them and use this information to drive their performance to the next level
  • change habits permanently in the desired way
  • solve conflicts in their personal or professional environment
  • accomplish a healthy life style that increases their vitality and energy, shed pounds and keep them off
  • enhancing their self-management abilities as individuals and in a team to increase determination and perform excellence.