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Step by step you will overcome any obstacle that has kept you from getting and staying slim.

This program is for you if you

  • have already tried most of the reduction diets and slimming programs out there and lost weight only to put it all back on again and possibly even more – and you now are game to shed those extra pounds once and for all and achieve your true weight;
  • have trained yourself over the years to eat food that you don’t really enjoy but that is considered to be healthy, and yet the extra weight is staying put – and you now want to develop a healthy and relaxed attitude towards food and eating and become (and stay!) naturally slim;
  • are well-informed about balanced eating but are getting tripped up by old (emotional) eating behaviors - and you now are ready to permanently put your knowledge into practice and love and savor food while achieving your desired and true weight;
  • feel the moment is right to say good-bye to reduction diets and unpleasant work-outs for good - and you now choose to start eating and moving for the pleasure of it and develop a caring relationship with yourself and your body;
  • are ready to leave behind the vicious cycle of dieting (deprivation, calorie-counting, feeling guilty and ashamed about your body and apparent lack of willpower) - and you now know the time is right to relish and enjoy food and life to the fullest;
  • consider yourself an “emotional eater” and have found yourself using food to overcome stress, frustration or other unpleasant emotional states - and you now decide to learn and successfully apply more useful and efficient ways to cope with uncomfortable emotions and find emotional freedom as a naturally slim person.


During the Truly Slim coaching sessions, you will discover

  • how to perceive and appreciate your body and yourself in a new way
  • proven strategies to deal with cravings and be relaxed around food
  • useful ways to motivate yourself to exercise
  • practical strategies to handle stress and emotions
  • ways to harness your mental power in a success-enhancing and goal-oriented way
  • tools to transform negative beliefs about yourself into empowering beliefs that help you achieve your goals
  • effective approaches to address your individual subconscious reasons for overeating in a sustainable way
  • your unique motivational personality traits and how to harness them to achieve permanent results.

The goal of this unique program is for you to become permanently slim by adopting the thinking and behavior patterns of naturally slim people and to increase your emotional well-being.

Because getting and staying (!) slim really starts in your head.


$280 per 60 minutes coaching session. Experience shows that clients need between 3 and 10 coaching sessions to accomplish the desired results.