The institute combines the latest findings in brain science with extensive coaching experience and thus develops and continually refines groundbreaking methodologies.

The Limbic Coaching method, a unique coaching approach that was developed at the Palo Alto Institute for Systemic Coaching, is being applied successfully around the world. It is based on the finding that sustainable behavior changes are only possible when they happen via the emotional brain, not just the rational brain.

Consistently utilizing the brain’s processing mechanisms allows for permanent results in a variety of areas, from targeted performance improvement and mental preparation for peak performance to achieving ideal weight and defining new directions in life.

In addition to individual coaching sessions, the Palo Alto Institute for Systemic Coaching offers an exclusive array of high-level continuing education programs for certified professional coaches, consultants, and therapists.

It addresses experienced coaches who want to take the next step and move their coaching practice to a higher professional level. Utilizing the extremely effective technique of coaching via the emotional brain, they are capable of supporting their clients in an even more solution-focused and outcome-oriented way.