The Truly Slim program offers clients the opportunity to develop a healthy and natural relationship to food and their body and thereby significantly increase their overall well-being.

  • With the Truly Slim method, weight issues can be solved once and for all. While traditional weight loss programs bring only short-term success and frequently lead to yo-yo dieting, intensifying the problem, the brain-based method by the Palo Alto Institute for Systemic Coaching produces profound and sustainable changes. Our method addresses the underlying reasons for overeating, not just the symptoms.
  • The Truly Slim program takes the pressure off clients as they don’t have to constantly think about food, calories and sticking to eating plans. They learn to detect their bodies’ signals and to act in accordance with them.
  • Coaching via the emotional brain creates a positive attitude towards eating and promotes eating with pleasure and peace of mind.
  • During the program clients also learn to better deal with stress and emotions that trigger (over) eating and to effectively transform limiting beliefs about themselves into positive and supportive notions.
  • Thanks to the dissolution of blocks in the limbic system, the clients’ overall emotional state improves. They increase their sense of self-confidence and have more energy.