Brain research shows that our "emotional brain" chooses our actions based on memories and emotions, long before our "thinking brain" gets involved. That’s why many people find it difficult to follow through with their resolutions to change a behavior. The Limbic Coaching method starts at this point by purposefully utilizing mental self-healing capacities to dissolve blocks in the limbic system (the emotional brain).

Using this innovative approach, emotions and memories that inhibit performance and productivity are processed in an outcome-oriented, effective way. To achieve this, the Limbic Coaching method consistently integrates the brain’s processing mechanisms to deal with information, stress and emotions.

The Limbic Coaching method consequently brings about astounding results, in most cases after very few coaching sessions.

Clients are able to realize their creativity and highest potential and are well prepared for upcoming challenges. They have strong inner balance and optimal access to their skills and are thus able to successfully deal with fears, stress, or conflict.

Sylvia Kurpanek’s extensive experience as a coach in Silicon Valley and her understanding of the requirements in a business context have significantly shaped this intelligent method.

The Limbic Coaching method is also very effective at dealing with personal issues, for instance, with processing unpleasant blocks and emotions. Many clients appreciate the transparency and trust the process that coaching with the emotional brain offers as they can clearly see the results.